Managed Services

  • Azure
  • AWS
  • On-Premises
  • Private Cloud

Virtually brings decades of experience managing hosting environments. The key to peak performance of your mission-critical systems is our expertise, deep resources, and strategic partnerships. We focus on the technology so you can focus on the business.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure is the starting point for attaining peak performance of your applications. We can manage your on-premise environments, or public clouds like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.  We provide 24x7x365 management, governance, and control across all your systems.

Data Back-Up and High Availability (HA)

Virtually has your back with continuous,  reliable, and secure encrypted data back-ups. For HA, auto-scaling maintains system availability  to meet demand. We configure the parameters per your needs

Proactive Monitoring

Virtually learns your applications inside and out so we can monitor the right areas of your system and catch the errors before the system fails

Security Protection

Using best-of-breed technology with our partners, we deliver continuous monitoring and instant threat response.

Application Patching

We provide application patches and hotfixes for most major applications and systems.

Migration Assistance

Virtually helps move your systems to the Cloud, performing the lift and shift of your systems from on-premise to public clouds like Azure and AWS.

Benefits of Virtually’s Managed Services

Here are the worries you no longer need to have, and the benefits of selecting Virtually as your Managed Services vendor for all your systems:

  • The ability to scale the environment up and down in real-time based on the fluctuations in your business and application traffic.
  • Cost efficiently automate and monitor your system infrastructure.
  • Compliance and Security for all your mission-critical data.
  • Automation, reporting, and monitoring for all managed environment.
  • The daily operations of your hosted, public-cloud environments, focusing on your technology so you can focus on your business.